dd-crow-composerDd Crow is an Indonesian professional music composer and a guitarist who previously worked as a guitar player and music producer for a lot of Indonesian band, some of them are bands with a big name in Indonesian music industry.

Working as a commercial composer and jingle maker has its own challenges, learning from his experience as a musician and concert band performer, Dd already learned a lot about the impact of music on human emotions. And some of the challenges in the world of advertising, in addition to things like composing technique, composes music in all styles, to understand how music can affect the mood of people, and how the music could make people associate a certain product with a certain mood, which the ultimate purpose is to create music that can reach people’s soul to help companies or products express, embrace  and market themselves through commercial music media.

Dd-crow-gitarisIn this site, you can find some of his Portfolio, some Awards that Dd Crow has won, Dd Crow Discography as a guitarist band player/producer and some Blog about guitar tips and music production tips (mostly in Indonesian language), some videos of Dd Crow’s Concert and how you can Contact him.

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