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I’m sure a lot of guitarist today is having Android smartphone, because today Android OS smartphone are most widely used worldwide compared to smartphone with IOS, BlackBerry, Nokia and others. It was understandable considering that the Android OS is good, has thousands applications and it’s affordable price.

Here, I will share with you about some Android apps that I think are the most useful for the guitarist. There are so many apps for the guitar in Google Playstore. But i will not review for all of them here, only a few applications that I think was the best and I ever use it personally. Ok, here we go..

Tuner – gstring Free

Have you ever experienced where you will play in a gigs and suddenly you realize that you forget to bring your guitar tuner? Panic, right? Yes even thoung we can be tune the guitar manually using the ear, but the situation is sometimes difficult to do so. For example, we’re going to play the gig and the environment behind the stage are too noisy to tune your guitar by ear. So in a situation like that, this application can be very helpful.

dd-crow-gstrings-tunerInstall this application on your smartphone, it’s really useful, because with this application you can tune other instruments besides the guitar, your bass player and violin player bandmates can use it too to tune their instrument. Besides, other advantages are, we’re always carry our smartphone everywhere, so we’re less likely forget to bring it.

Download this app and have your guitar always stay in tune.

Guitar Tuner

If you prefer a tuner application that was created only for guitar, Guitar Tuner application may be more suitable for you.

dd-crow-guitar-tuner-freeThis application will show you the guitar image on the screen, also indicates which string you tune, and it will make a sound of a note, so you can tune your guitar with that.

For some guitar players, this apps may be too simple. This application can not detect the sound coming out of your guitar. But if you want to develop your listening skills, this application may be suitable for you. This application is suitable for beginners and expert guitarists.

Mobile Metronome

Every musician needs a metronome, especially for guitarists who want to become shredder, it is very advisable to practice skills using a metronome regularly. But even if you don’t want to be a the shredder, still you need a metronome for practice. And in my opinion, it is much easier to use a metronome app on the smartphone rather than having to carry a large heavy analog metronome everywhere.

dd-crow-mobile-metronomeMobile Metronome many advantage, you can save presets that you can load it again later when you need it. Tempo can be set with ease, you can set time signature from the most simple to the most complex. Metronome volume can be adjusted manually, and do not worry, if there is an incoming call, the application will automatically stop ticking.

Chordbot Lite

Sometimes there is a situation where when we have certain ideas that can be made into a song but we’re not having our guitar around. For example, being on the road or away the home, while the ideas sometimes just can come out everywhere.

If you have Chordbot Lite, it’s nothing to worry about. Because with this simple application you can immediately draw up a composition of chords, and you can immediately experimenting with the arrangement using some rhythm preset it has.

dd-crow-chordbot-120 528Regardless of how you use this application, whether to record ideas or to arrange a guitar practice accompaniment chord , the application is still very useful, we will learn about music arrangement in a simple way and our guitar playing will be more musical.

Ultimate Guitar Tabs

As a guitarist, sometimes we need a guitar Tab of a particular song. So that we can learn more easily and more detail. Well,this app is a storehouse that has guitar Tab for almost every guitarist or a band you need, and you can access it easily from your own smartphone. And the number of database it has is so huge. There are about 400,000 tabs that you can download and learn from it.

dd-crow-ultimate-guitar-tabs-120 528With this app, you can search a tab that you need and you can save it as favourite, so you can learn it later offline because the Tab was already downloaded on the favourite.

GChord (Guitar Chord Finder)

Some of you may not all have been proficient in guitar playing. Maybe you’re still a beginner, still learning to place where to put your finger on the fretboard, for beginners like that, this app really can help.

ddcrow-gchord-120 528With GChord (Guitar Chord Finder), you can quickly search for chord and it’s finger position. It is good especially for guitarists who are still learning to do it. You can see the chord image, and immediately follow it position with your finger. In this application each chord has four variations of fingering positions.

If you are left-handed guitarist, you did not need to worry, because this application also has support for left-handed guitarists.

Thank You

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Best Android app for Guitarist
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Best Android app for Guitarist
Best app for beginner and advance level guitarist

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