Dd Crow Discography

Here I am trying to remember and collect my discography, albums I ever recorded or involved in its production process. Not all, just some of them.

anggun c sasmi dd crow diskografi
Anggun C Sasmi – Anak Putih Abu Abu

Around the year 95 or 96 I was invited by my friend, a songwriter named Pamungkas NM to help him play the guitar for some song  in Anggun C Sasmi‘s album, with Teddy Sujaya on drum and several other guitarists such as Eet Sjahranie, Gideon Tengker, Mpay and the keyboardist Andy Ayunir, etc. This is my first time recording in a real studio. The studio where the recording took place is Musica Studio, one of the biggest studio and record label in Indonesia. This really was my first experience of recording and work together with many great Indonesian musician in Jakarta.

bunga dd crow diskografi
Bunga – Untukmu Galang

The second album I ever recorded was an album of a rock group called Bunga, which titled Üntukmu Galang, I play as an additional guitarist in the band and play most lead guitar part on the album. Recorded at 1998. The band Bunga was contracted under the same record label as my other band Panhead, who was in the process of recording as well. Bunga was released first and then followed Panhead released in the same year.

panhead dd crow diskografi
Panhead – Khayalan Sepi

Panhead is my first recording band in 98-99 years, This is the most idealistic and craziest band  I have ever made. Wirh me on guitar, Mickey Nasution on vocals, Dono on bass and Ketter on the drums, We record some crazy funky metal music mixed with rap lirycs, we have a great producer Ali Akbar who always supporting every crazy idea we had. With the assistance of legendary sound engineer Harry Widodo, finally this album was born. Containing of 14 idealistic songs, and there is one song called Jamhead that has about 15 minutes length and there is also an alien language song titled Kurmandhani Simanalahur.

gitar klinik dd crow diskografi
Gitar Klinik
In 1999. Musica in collaboration with Rotorcorp have a plans to release a compilation album of Indonesian greatest guitarist called Gitar Klinik. I record a demo using my friends 4 track multitrack recorder. And it turns out the producers liked the demo tape I sent. And my first rock ‘n roll guitar solo called “Harap Maklum Dik, Dadamu Indah” was released.
roxx bergema lagi dd crow diskografi
Roxx – Bergema Lagi

I forgot the year,  about 99 or 2000s, at that time, Roxx was one of the greatest rock band in Indonesia who play big role in Indonesian rock music history. One day there was a live event of Gitar Klinik at Jimbani Cafe. When I doing ceksound for the gig, some of Roxx personnel came and offered me a job to play guitar for Roxx. Initially only to help them play in some of their gig. Finally followed-up with an album recording called Bergema Lagi

powerslaves dd crow diskografi
Powerslaves – Ga Bakal Mati
I am also somewhat forgotten in what year I had joined the Powerslaves, one of the greatest rock ‘n roll band in Indonesia, if not mistaken about the year 2003 or 2004. At that time, At first I had joined as an additional player. Well Powerslaves condition when it was not good. many player comes out, even the vocalist. Eventually we thought we don’t want bands like Powerslaves just broke away. Powerslaves finally created a new formation with Anwar Fatahillah as bassist, assisted by me and Nico Nigger on guitar, Agung Yudha on drums, and Njet on vocals and finnaly Powerslaves album Ga Bakal Mati was released.

gitar klinik 2 dd crow diskografi
Gitar Klinik 2

This is the second time I participate on Guitar Clinic compilation, at that time there was my song called The Aladin Factor which is scheduled to release on a Duo Guitar album of me Dd Crow and my fellow guitarist Andry Frenzy., One day on the studio, we play that song and Krishna Sadrach (Gitar Klinik producer) loves the song and he want that song to be on th next Gitar Klinik album, and finally for the second time me and Andry Frenzy participated in the second album of Gitar Klinik compilation series. 

the happiness project dd crow diskografi
Dd Crow – The Happiness Project

During that time above, I already record a lot of guitar solo tracks, at that time I don’t have a plan to release them as an album, just for my own hearing. Then some friend give me suggestions to release a solo guitar album. And with help of them, finnaly a collection of my guitar solo was released on an album called Dd Crow ‘The Happiness Project’ in 2008. This album is available at iTunes now

rubik dd crow diskografi
Rubik – A Beautiful Story

Around 2009-2010, me and my wife Austin Utammy who was still my girlfriend at that time released a Duo album called Rubik. This is a unique pop duo that most songs written by Austin Utammy and arranged by me. Rubik was taken as the dou’s name because we’re both love to play Rubik’s cube and we were a national Rubik’s cube champion. We love the name Rubik because it represent of the duo’s music flavor which r is unique and colorful. This album is titled A Beautiful Story and is available on iTunes now

roxx jauh dari tuhan dd crow diskografi
Roxx – Jauh Dari Tuhan

Roxx released an album in 2012. Jauh Dari Tuhan. the process of creating and recording this album took so long time. And many things that happen disrupting the process of the creation of this album, but Finally in 2012, on Roxx 28th birthday.  we finished it and released it to the public.


Dd Crow & The Circus

2015 Dd Crow create a new Rock N Roll musical project called Dd Crow & The Circus, the idea is simple, Dd and his other 6 bandmates try to create a band whis is musically interesting and lyrically honest.

Dd Crow Discography
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Dd Crow Discography
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